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    Job Summit Framework Agreement

    The Job Summit Framework Agreement is a crucial document that outlines the strategies, policies, and plans aimed at addressing unemployment and job creation in South Africa. The document was signed in 2018 by various stakeholders such as government, labor unions, business organizations, and civil society. The agreement acknowledges that unemployment is a pressing issue in the country and requires a collaborative effort to address.

    The Job Summit Framework Agreement aims to create an enabling environment for job creation by addressing the structural barriers that hinder economic growth and job creation. One of the key objectives outlined in the agreement is to create an additional 275,000 jobs annually, reduce unemployment, and increase economic growth.

    The agreement recognizes that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are crucial contributors to job creation and economic growth. As such, the framework agreement prioritizes interventions to support the growth and development of SMEs. This includes providing access to finance, markets, and business support services.

    Another crucial area of focus outlined in the job summit framework agreement is the need to address youth unemployment. The document acknowledges that young people are the most adversely affected by unemployment and that there is a need to create opportunities for them to gain employment and skills. The framework agreement seeks to address this by implementing youth employment interventions that are aimed at increasing the number of young people who are able to access decent work.

    In addition to the above, the job summit framework agreement also prioritizes addressing the skills mismatch in the labor market. This is achieved through various interventions aimed at improving the quality of education and training, promoting apprenticeships and internships, and investing in vocational training.

    In conclusion, the Job Summit Framework Agreement is a critical document in South Africa`s efforts to address unemployment and job creation. The agreement provides a roadmap for stakeholders on how to work collaboratively to create an enabling environment for job creation, with a particular focus on SMEs, youth employment, and skills development. The successful implementation of the agreement will require sustained commitment and collaboration from all stakeholders.

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